Vridhcare is one of the leading non-profit organizations which works towards the objective of serving the underprivileged elderly community in the rural and urban areas. Established with the purpose of providing dignity, physical, emotional and mental well-being to the elderly population, Vridhcare has collaborated with several recognized and lesser-known charity homes who work towards the welfare of the elderly.


Our organization aims at making a difference in the lives of elderly people. We use different approaches and thought processes as we work towards catering the needs of the elderly. We believe in providing basic means of survival to our elderly population and upgrade their lives. Vridhcare envisions a better and brighter future for senior citizens who have complex needs. Dignifying their life’s second innings by making them independent and productive, we completely understand the basic necessities required by the elderly.

Vridhcare aims to bridge this huge gap that exists between the willing caregivers and takers in the world. We strive to comprehend and analyze the needs of different individuals by connecting them with the right authority. The needs range from elementary aspects such as providing glasses, hearing aids, dentures to getting advanced medical help for diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia.

Creating a positive environment through recreational activities like yoga, meditation and support groups is an effective way to free the mind and relieve it from the feelings of isolation and depression. Our organization provides financial assistance and recognizes the talent or skill of individuals to help them get dignified jobs relevant for them. Our aim is to facilitate an opportunity for the elderly so that they can continue to live their remaining lives independently.