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Who We Are

VridhCare is a non-government organisation headquartered in Delhi. We predominantly look after old age people who are deprived of various rights and basic needs, and strive to improve their living standards by serving as a catalyst for change.

We believe that they deserve to live the best of their golden years and have equal rights as we do. Therefore, VridhCare is committed to uplifting every aspect of the lives of the old age people who constitute almost 10 percent of our country’s population. We seek to ensure that they survive as well as thrive.

What We Do

VridhCare is partnered with several corporate firms, organisations and family funds investors. By leveraging these fruitful associations coupled with our close-knit team of volunteers and social workers, we have been able to work for the cause we are committed to as well as support other NGOs for senior citizens.

We strive to bridge the infrastructural gaps in healthcare, education, security and employment for the elderly community, to facilitate better opportunities and thus, an enhanced standard of living. The need-specific approaches we adopt, driven with compassion, dedication and zeal, have enabled us to cater to the old age people and make far-reaching impacts in their lives.


Our Areas of Work

Health Care
Skill Building
Employment Opportunities