Founder Message

Dr. Shashi Khare (Former additional director & Head of Microbiology and CARDS National Centre of Disease control, Delhi, India).

I have worked in a public health institute for 34 years approximately. I came across different types of individuals from different sections of society. Many times got depressed that older people in our society are neglected and not well cared for. I took care of my both side parents and developed a special attraction to do something for them. Where they all need special psychological care and food of theirs choice. Thus “I was trained from the beginning to bring a difference in the society. I have always regarded it as a spiritual duty to get all I could honourably and give all I could to those who need it."

To change the perception around old age and bring about a shift from pity and helplessness to self- confidence and dignity, VridhCare, is committed to reassure, assist and be there for the elderly in all possible ways. This is not our profession, this is our passion. Our aim with this NGO is to cater to the psychological medical, physiological and emotional needs of the elderly in Indian society. I also wants to learn out of their experiences of life and want them to be self-sufficient and at least now should be able to do something of their own. My passion to do something for them is my objective after retirement. VridhCare will continue to work for them.