Founder Message

Dr. Shashi Khare
(Former additional director & Head of Microbiology and CARDS National Centre of Disease control, Delhi, India).

"I was taught to be the change I wanted to see. Making a difference in our society is what I have been trained to do so since the beginning and I consider it my spiritual duty to donate what I can do to those in greater need than me."

Through Vridhcare, we want to inculcate the habit of giving freely for a greater cause than ourselves. Vridhcare is all about changing the cynical perception of old age that prevails in our community. We are committed to transforming the lives of the elderly, from that of helplessness to one of self-confidence and dignity. We do not consider our activities as that of a profession. Rather it is our passion that drives us to ensure that the medical, physiological, and emotional needs of the elderly are catered to.