Director Message

Making a switch from the corporate world to a life dedicated to service was not an easy decision. I had finally found my purpose. Serving the elderly through VridhCare has not only humbled me, I'm also happier today and more at peace. It has given me perspective.

Doing what gives you peace and satisfaction looked like a distant dream until I got introduced to VridhCare. I had finally discovered my purpose. Serving the elderly through VridhCare gave me a karmic satisfaction which has humbled me, making me happier and at peace.

VridhCare is a league of like-minded people striving to make a difference in the lives of the elderly. After years of hard work, raising families and contributing to society, they deserve a life with dignity. I feel glad that I'm able to play a little part in ensuring that their financial, medical, emotional and psychological needs are taken care of.

Mrs. Gargi Lakhanpal