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Mental Well-being Among The Elderly Raises Self-esteem, Mindfulness

Most families and communities in India refuse to see mental health as a serious concern. For them, chronic depression, sadness, fears, anxiety are merely a matter of state of mind, circumstantial, something that can be handled with a bit of inspiration. It’s like people finding it impossible to see alcoholism as a disease.
Released on: July 5th, 2021 |

VridhCare: Delhi-based NGO for senior citizens accelerating its philanthropic impact amid the pandemic

The best thing about youth is its energy and verve and therefore, you have full control of your life during this phase. However, with the dawn of the golden years, our health declines, refraining us from pursuing anything despite our will. The situation is worse for those elders who have been abandoned by their families, compelling them to live a life of rejection and loneliness.
Released on: July 24th, 2020 |

Comfort amidst the crisis – NGO working for senior citizens comes to the rescue for elderly

NGO’s like VridhCare, Helpage India & Care for Ours have been working on their toes to help the elderly people during these challenging times.The challenges of coronavirus outbreak differ across various socio-demographic groups and mainly the most vulnerable ones such as the elderly are getting the hardest blow.
Released on: July 9th, 2020 |

Care amid Crisis: Mental Health for Senior Citizens during COVID-19

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 15% of senior citizens have a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. With a projected doubling of the world’s population of older adults over the course of next 30 years, it becomes important to ensure that time and resources are dedicated for creating a strong foundation for a healthier aging population.
Released on: Aug 29th, 2020 |

Creating a viable environment for senior citizens – How NGOs helping old age people are facilitating it

The forces of urbanisation and modernisation are gradually eroding the traditional cultures and practices that have been adopted for ages. While some changes have been for the better, there are others that are taking a heavy toll on the vulnerable, disintegration of joint families being one of them. With most youth these days preferring to have nuclear families, the elders get excluded or abandoned.
Released on: Aug 11th, 2020 |