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Food Donation

As food is one of the basic necessities of life, we aim at ensuring that no elder is deprived of it. Through our network of volunteers and staff, we generously contribute to the provision of healthy and nutritious meal across various foundations, charity homes and other NGOs catering to senior citizens.

There are millions of people who can’t even afford to have one meal a day and therefore, let’s take a pledge not to waste food and rather give it to those who are deprived of it!



With age, our overall health also starts to decline. Therefore, VridhCare helps the senior citizens in getting back to their normal health conditions. This includes restoring their physical, mental and/or cognitive ability. In addition to these, we also offer companionship and emotional support to the elderly who grapple with trauma, low confidence and self-esteem engendering from some unfortunate events they may have experienced in the past.

We try to bring as much normalcy and happiness in their lives through fun activities, yoga classes, events and interactive sessions to provide them a space to speak their heart out and boost their mental health.

Livelihood Support

VridhCare strongly endorses the view that one is never too old to work or set a career goal. There may be various factors refraining elders from seeking employment however, we help them to go against all odds and achieve financial independence.

We provide infrastructural support to old age homes for facilitating skill building opportunities among the elders. Leveraging our strong associations with corporate firms, we bring employment opportunities to them based on their skills - be it office related or handicrafts like knitting, sewing or farming.