Financial Woes

Senior citizens who live on their own in charity homes are often deprived of the protective care of their families. Financial stability and independence are the two most crucial things for the people in their old age. Being financially self-sufficient makes individuals better equipped to handle their physiological and physical needs. At Vridh Care, we aim at making an unconventional standpoint and do not believe in such a thing as ‘appropriate age to work’.

We strongly believe that those who have the energy, zeal and skill to work and earn a livelihood for themselves at any stage in life must be encouraged and given a fair chance and a suitable opportunity. Be it in farming, knitting, sewing or any other office-related skill, we make our best efforts in building fruitful associations with influential individuals and entities alike to create apt employment roles for those who are deserving and willing. Resolving one’s financial woes through dignified means can be a beautiful gift to all the elderly, helping them to cherish their remaining years.