Partner with Us

Meaningful collaborations always prove to be an asset for any entity and we intend at making long-term, mutually beneficial associations with credible individuals/ institutions. As we look at providing more than just the basic necessities to the unsupported elders out there, we seek partners who can team up with us for the long haul and assist along in catering to those in need. Our partners can be anyone, from a doctor, dentist, teacher, motivational speaker, yoga trainer, or an ordinary individual wanting to extend more than just monetary help or even a corporate looking at offering apt roles to skilled senior citizens.

By this, the main purpose we try to attain is to give old people real help by way of providing any dentures or hearing aids or glasses as needed. Helping them to battle depression and isolation by motivational lectures, support groups etc. or keeping them physically & mentally healthy via yoga sessions or any other suitable activities conducted by able volunteers. Beyond everything, we wish to get them relevant and practical employment.

So, if you think you fit into this category in any manner and can partner with us, then we would surely like to hear more about your proposal. We are open to all kinds of associations, be it a commercial partnership or other.

Please fill in your details in the form below and we will reach out to you soon to take things further.