Work for Us

Community service is a great way to help others and work towards improving your community. Employees need to realize that community service is way more than any usual job. It requires much higher dedication, commitment and most importantly, zeal to service for the society. If you think you are someone who has the passion as well as the calibre to interact and help those in need, then Vridh Care is the right place for you!


We look for the following qualities in our potential team members:

Compassion to interact with the needy

Dedication to work, being engaged throughout the task

Zeal to Serve the society and the people with one’s ability

Trustworthiness & Reliability to work in a sensitive environment dealing with real people, real needs and real emotions

What can professionals expect from this opportunity?

• Competitive Remuneration to keep employees motivated

• Healthy & Positive Work Environment

• Chances to meet new people and get an understanding of the world

• Exposure to established brand names as donators

• Flexibility to evolve in different roles, learn and progress