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September 21, 2022
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September 29, 2022

Every culture reflects the fundamental human urge for belonging. These elderly people deserve more because they are frequently abandoned by their families or live at their children’s mercy.

Sadly, the elder generation is often viewed as unproductive and a burden, paying the price through abuse, neglect, and abandonment, which is what causes the elderly abandonment. The people of cities and around are only starting to see more of this. These old people have worked and taken care of their families for their entire lives. The least they deserve is peace in their twilight days. Truth be told, abandoning elderly parents is starting to become the new norm.

Adult children typically act as their parents’ caregivers and are in charge of their well-being. However, a steady rise in nuclear families appears to have contributed to an increase in children’s insensitivity, neglect, and mistreatment of the elderly. Many senior folks live alone as well. Depression and other diseases can be brought on by a lack of social interaction and solitude as well as a physical or mental illness that limits movement.

The elderly continue to experience hatred, ignorance, and abandonment while yearning for the place where they once belonged. Their former home, where they used to reside, is no longer their primary residence. The lack of empathy for the elderly and even towards one of their own only seems to deteriorate. Meanwhile, the aged destitute experience a greater dilemma as a result of their inability to make ends meet. The lack of even the wherewithal to meet even the most basic needs, such as a roof over their heads, causes the impoverished, immense suffering.

In terms of deprivation, non-income factors among the underprivileged elderly aged people need to be stressed. Deprivation is a far broader term, which is in all forms of denial, who are even excluded from a basic level of living, which is a far larger concept than poverty. In situations like these, the aged are deprived of their social and economic necessities which in fact improves the ability and wellbeing of the aged.

While the elderly are denied needs due to their declining ability to work, they merely lack a sense of belonging. A lack of belonging towards what they once had. Adult children who neglect their old age parents may cause them considerable emotional grief or even physical health issues. Additionally, adult children who have elderly or infirm parents may experience comparable sentiments of loss and perplexity.

Before anyone realizes anything is wrong, a problem can arise when an elderly, fragile adult is left alone at home or abandoned. It’s not uncommon to find elderly people who have been abandoned and are neglecting themselves in dirty, unclean settings with little food and disconnected utilities. While they are left alone or abandoned, the elderly become less capable of taking care of themselves. Due to this, mental health problems can also take a toll on them.

It’s important to stay with an elderly senior even if you or another family member finds it difficult to care for them. Contact your neighborhood’s senior citizen home care services or NGOs like VridhCare who help the underprivileged elderly citizen live a life with dignity and hope. It’s important and high time that we start to discuss how to best satisfy your loved ones or the destitute old aged for medical, financial, and other basic requirements with others. So that, we can help them live a life of comfort and a pleasant lifestyle during their twilight years.

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