With lack of medical facilities across old age homes, offering need-specific solutions becomes crucial
January 7, 2021
Bridging gap between elderly and healthcare facilities need of the hour
December 7, 2021
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Changing times call for sustainable measures to tackle anything even across old age homes

Typically, old age is one of the major factors that lead to the death of elderly residents across old age homes. However, as the coronavirus pandemic broke out rampantly last year in March, the number of deaths spiked dramatically. Even though the mortality rate is low compared to the global or national rate, the number is still significant. A survey done across 44 care homes in three western states of India revealed a number of deaths of over 3000 residents. For old age homes, this is an added challenge considering how, amid the pandemic, they have already been struggling to tend to this vulnerable age group.


In light of the above situation, VridhCare has adopted a unique offering model to help those care homes deal with this looming challenge. Through our strategic partnership with various companies, we have been offering cow dung log machine to several old age homes. Grow Green, VNS Enviro Biotechq and Natfrenz Technologies are some of the companies that have stepped up for this noble cause with VridhCare being a mediator. Their machines help in mixing raw materials, compressing them and extruding them out without any emission of smoke. Natfrenz Technologies Pvt Ltd, for instance, is a leading wholesale trader and service provider of an exclusive range of cattle sheds, biogas plants, organic fertilisers and many more.

Ours is not only an innovative model but a sustainable one at that since traditional cremation method requires cutting down of millions of trees, the practice of which is hazardous to the environment. Therefore, by adopting this model, we seek to cater to the old age homes across the country all the while staying in line with sustainability concepts, which is the need of the hour in today’s times. With the changing time and the changing needs of the old age homes, VridhCare believes that bridging NGOs like ours, should also adapt accordingly and come up with more sustainable offering models.

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