Corporations moving beyond profit-making to support disempowered elderly
Corporations moving beyond profit-making to support disempowered elderly
December 8, 2020
Changing times call for sustainable measures to tackle anything even across old age homes
February 3, 2021
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With lack of medical facilities across old age homes, offering need-specific solutions becomes crucial

Studies have shown that among the 700 odd number of old age homes present across India today, many of them are still deprived of readily available medical facilities and equipment. The government has been aiding and providing grant. However, with so many heads to take care of and add to that, the need to allocate funds for other purposes such as meals, recreational facilities, etc, it becomes seemingly impossible for the old age homes to maintain the best standards of everything. Result? The needs of the elderly residents get compromised.

Considering the vulnerability of the elderly, addressing this issue has become the need of the hour. The basic needs of various old age homes are different and therefore it becomes crucial to offer need-specific solutions.

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Realising this, we, at VridhCare, have been serving as a bridging NGO and connecting our vendor partners with various old age homes. With this, we offer problem-specific solutions to those care homes. Omron, for instance, has recently distributed several equipment such as BP machines, weighing machines, pulse oximeter and nebulizer to various old age homes, through our support. Having a prominent brand name across the healthcare sector, the quality of the products was unquestionably good but what is even better is the fact that they were distributed at a discounted price. Owing to our volunteers and staff, the distribution process has been made seamless and convenient.

Omron has always put its best foot forward when it comes to working for the welfare of society. However, considering the state of the elderlies across old age homes, especially amid the pandemic, its initiative of distributing healthcare equipment is quite commendable. Other companies that have stepped forward to contribute medical equipment for the old age homes include Accusure and Alps International Pvt. Ltd.

With inadequate facilities in those overburdened old age homes, the condition of the senior residents has been disheartening. Moreover, there is no standardization parameter for them as well. Therefore, if not us, who will cater to the healthcare needs of the senior citizens?

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